Mind Leap

In 2016 while completing my undergraduate degree, my mind was stretched more than it had ever been before. I was assigned a professor to guide me through the year. With his mentoring came a requirement that I complete a journal post every week of the year. This seemed like a daunting task for me. What could I possibly have to write about that would be meaningful? I began to realize what my mind had become.

10 years in the military had forced my brain to switch off when delving too deeply into areas that I wanted to keep shut and not think about. This led to years of forgetfulness and compartmentalization; it felt like half of my brain was inactive and locked away. Through weekly journal entries and talks with the professor, my brain began to slowly open and become more alive. Opportunities in life that before had seemed daunting, began to seem possible. I started to realize that many other people experience this in their lives as well.

I was reading about this just last night, how many people never fully develop the thoughts in their head and don't consider where these thoughts come from, or where they could go. They live a reactive life, a life where they are on the defense intellectually, rather than offensively and pushing their minds to delve deeper into their thoughts and discovering where it leads. It is important to question our thoughts and feelings, to learn how to dream and set goals again. So many people live in the moment, without a thought as to their passions and where they truly want to go in life. Maybe they never feel totally free to be themselves because of circumstances or events in their past.

I am here to say that it is possible to change; not only possible, but absolutely crucial that you do. I know what it is like to live life with walls around your mind, suffocating your thoughts and preventing your passions and dreams from becoming reality. I challenge you today to begin by engaging your mind. What is it that truly makes you feel alive. Is it beautiful music? Maybe it is nature or a trip to a far off place? Maybe you have a goal of starting your own business but are too afraid or have been told lies about what you are capable of achieving in life. Whatever it is, STOP being afraid and giving in. It is hard to break free from a captive mind. It is way easier to just sit there and feel sorry for yourself and not do anything about it.

Consider for a moment the fact that you only live once. Do you really want to live a life under a captive mind? Or do you want to throw caution to the wind and become exactly who you were designed to be, living a life of passion, fulfillment and excitement? So be bold. Start today, realize that you CAN alter your life’s course. Trust me, you will not regret it.

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